Audi RS Concept by Andrej Stanta, Slovenia

2005: Germany.

Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Andrej Stanta, 19, is currently a student of industrial design at the Academy of Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia. With a life-long desire to become an automotive designer, Stanta is considering continuing his education at the Pforzheim University, Germany or at the Strate College, France.

Stanta has many hobbies including dance, cycling, snowboarding and swimming. He uses these hobbies as a means to garner ideas about design. A very social individual, Stanta believes experiencing the world and what it offers is a valuable tool to expand ones horizon.

Besides designing vehicles, Stanta also is interested in interior design of furniture and other living areas.


Audi RS concept

I named my vehicle Audi RS concept from the powerful Audi engine RS which stands for respect and stunning. As powerful as these motors are, they can represent economical development during German history. Germans are always trying to be the best in all ways. They succeeded in the automotive industry, sports, banking…therefore Germany is nowadays one of the powerful countries on the World.

There are some facts that are true to most proud Germans; they are all aware that Germany is producing the most luxury vehicles on the World with high performances at a high level of comfort in almost every price-level and therefore they are true to their car industry and car designers.

I have designed a vehicle, which would showcase the pride Germans have for design especially automotive design. I have designed a large sports coupe with a powerful engine. The RS coupe elevates the driving experience to an exhilarating plateau. Beneath the hood is an incredible 650 hp 40-valve biturbo engine that rockets from zero to 100km/h in 4.1 seconds. The engine is taken from the Audi RS 6 and has few modifications. The engine is connected with electric cells in the back. Cells are charging during the drive when the main engine is working, allowing the full cells to drive the car for another 100 kilometers.

The exterior of the vehicle is designed to suit numerous people with different tastes, from different generations and both males and females. The theme of my vehicle would be »Ride with Pride«, as most German would classify themselves into that category.

This two-seater reflects what German design means to the world. My vehicle portrays the way I see Germany positioned in the world, always trying to be a step ahead of others and seeking to be the best or being number one…being RS (respect/stunning).