Big Follows Small by Julien Bilodeau, Canada

2005: Germany.

Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Julien Bilodeau is a 16 year-old French Canadian of Acadian heritage living in Nova Scotia, Canada.

His interest in cars began approximately 8 years ago. Initially, he was intrigued by cars as a whole, but then began to build an interest in design as he started to wonder how all these beautiful shapes were created. With this passionate interest constantly growing, he one day hopes to pursue a career in this field after completing studies in industrial/transport design, with a view to leaving a lasting mark in the automotive design industry.


In order to fulfill the requirements of the 2005 Michelin Challenge Design, I looked at every design aspect, from function to form. For my design to meet the functions demanded by the German public, I was heavily influenced by key statistics which show that approximately 90% of Germany’s population is found in an urban environment. Other statistic shows that on average, Germany has 235 persons per km2.

In light of those factors, I chose to design a somewhat smaller car. As for the car’s look, I quickly came to realize that German styling meant a simple, sharp, and very well executed design. I was also influenced by previous German small cars such as the VW Beetle, which, as we all know, became an iconic design for other small cars throughout the world. As for other influences, I also admire the works of German designers such as Dieter Rams and Tobias Grau.