Concept Beetle III by Omar Pirela, Venezuela

2005: Germany.

Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Omar Pirela, 32, is a graphic designer in the televisión area specializing in 3D design in Maracaibo, Venezuela. He attended the University School “Monsignor of Talavera” in Venezuela. He is fanatic to the design of automobiles, which has taken him to participate in multiple design contests. He has won several of them like the MotorTrend Design Contest 2000, where he won first place in the student category as well as the Best of The Awards Show. He obtained the “Overall Winner” in the Jaguar R3 design contest organized by already disappeared equipment Jaguar-Racing de Formula 1. He was selected by the Michelin Challenge Design Jury to display at the 2003 North American International Auto Show with his French themed vehicle. In addition, he has participated in the Design Contest Peugeot and was a finalist in the 2003 edition of the MotorTrend Design Contest.


When discussing German design, my focus turns to the Bauhaus and Volkswagen. Therefore, I have developed this automotive icon that respects the faithful form and outlines of original German design. Volkswagen’s conception of an economic car for the masses is what I have developed with several innovations and aspects. The New Beetle has a front motor and front traction for the four wheels. The four doors perfectly disguise the masterful lines of the ceiling and the arcs of the wheels.

Its design in profile is marked by the super position of arcs. The windshield is almost vertical with a curvature in the superior part that it connects to the profile of the ceiling, showing to its silhouette almost square sight from the front part.

I have developed three distinct and finished designs – Classic, Tecno and GTI.