eCOBile+ by Je-Sung Ahn, South Korea

2005: Germany.

Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


With an idea of using a detachable personal vehicle in downtown eCOBiLE+ represents itself as an environmentally friendly and sophisticated design that can well afford to meet the needs of middle class singles in Germany who cherish their leisure activities.

In Germany, more young people in their late 20s and early 30s prefer to remain single. These young people have developed their own life style characterized by modernism based on rationalism and utilitarianism. Targeting this population group, eCOBiLE is designed ecologically and environmentally friendly with a focus on practicality.

It is a stable and crossover two-passenger hybrid vehicle. On weekdays, it will offer a lot of convenience when driving and parking in hectic downtown. In downtown Berlin where bicycles are deemed as a feasible option for transportation, eCOBile will surely provide high mobility when caught up in traffic congestion. People plan to escape the traffic jam by using “an individual vehicle (eCOBiLE+)” embedded and detachable from the main vehicle.

In addition, this modular type vehicle runs on electricity supplied from the hybrid condenser in the main vehicle thus being environmentally friendly and free of noise. With all these factors combined, it presents an excellent individual transportation method, which gives people a fast door-to-door travel options.