Framer by Jaka Verbic, Slovenia

2005: Germany.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Jaka Verbic, 20, was born and raised in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He graduated from Ledina Grammar School in Ljubljana in 2002 and is currently a third-year student of Industrial Design at Ljubljana University, Academy of Fine Arts.

For the past two years, Jaka has been heavily involved in numerous projects and work activities with design. He participated in the Mitsubishi design competition in 2003 and is currently part of the SABA’A7 design group. He also is a concept artist in charge of vehicle design for the computer game Paralell Future. He also is an assistant set designer on various TV commercials and music videos and recently designed a new corporate identity for a wood processing company.


The form of my 2+2 crossover between a sports car, an off-roader and a small MPV will be based on its technological solutions.

The base for the design is a composite lightweight cocoon, very much like a mountain bike frame, which surrounds a Lexan® (or similar) dome and provides optimum safety. The drive-train uses fuel cell technology and electric motors within the wheel rims.

Its footprint is small, yet it provides enough space for 4 adults plus baggage. For my inspiration I took a mountain bike design and translated it onto a car.