GOL Sport Space by Carlos Carvalho, Brazil

2005: Germany.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Carlos Eduardo de Carvalho, 23, was born and raised in Brazil. He graduated in 2004 with a degree in design and is currently developing a full-size sports car model by himself. Besides being a finalist for Michelin Challenge Design, he was selected as a finalist in the 2003 Motor Trend design contest. His interests include sketching, renderings, modeling, 3D modeling, engine building, new technologies and creating new concepts.


In this project I had the intention of creating something new and creative for the real interests of Gol´s actual consumers with production a possibility and for the interests of the VW company.

The new front and grill style came from creating a new VW identity that shows the car´s coherence and the precision, a style that makes it totally different from the other Brazilian cars in this segment.

The Gol is certainly known by everyone in Brazil as a sales leader but it has been loosing its position recently. Therefore, I created my design as a realistic project that fits the consumers’ need in 2015.

I chose a comfortable two-seater for the following reasons: people who go to work by car usually go alone, there is less weight which allows for quicker response, fuel economy and it is easier to park.

Something that happens in the companies in Brazil such as Chevrolet, Ford,

Fiat and VW is that there exists pick-ups and station wagons that derive from a car. The Gol is not different, the Saveiro (pick-up) and Parati (station wagon) came from the Gol and are the most popular in their segment. The factory has one production line and different tools for each model.

My intention is to make just one production that fits the three models.

The changing from Gol to Parati or Saveiro is done in the VW authorized dealer that will sell the Gol and the buyer chooses a Parati kit (station wagon) or a Saveiro kit (pick-up) if he wants to.

This new system provides more productivity because the factory will be producing one car instead of three, resulting in a cheaper car.