Green Point by Wang Jin Dong, Xu Xun, Charles Jin Han, Qin Yan Ding and Zheng Chen, China

2005: Germany.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Wang Jin Dong is from Tianjin, China. He was the original designer and scale model maker of their design vehicle. Their project took nine months and was completed by many individuals from four Universities and two countries (From Michigan, USA; Guang XI, Tianjin, China)

Wang Jin Dong is an Industrial Design Major at the Mechanical Engineering College at Tianjin University. He is a creative thinker and hopes his vehicle idea can be useful and practical for daily life.

XuXun was born in the city of Fang Cheng Gang of Guang Xi Zhuang People Autonomous Region, China in 1985. He is currently studying Industrial Design in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Guang Xi University of Technology. Has a designer and did the computer modeling graphics on this project. His lifelong dream has been to design cars.

Charles Jin Han used his experience in engineering to support this project. He is currently studying Engineering at the University of Michigan, USA.

Qin Yan ding helped with the making of the scale model. He is currently studying Industrial Design Major at the Mechanical Engineering College at Tianjin University

Zheng Chen handled the communications, logistics and was a translator for this project. He is currently studying Biology at Tianjin Normal University.

Special Thanks:

Teacher: Zhu Li Ming & Zhang Xue Guang
Classmate: Li Yu Pu, Tian Jin University
Mr.Chen Yong Hang, Tian Jin Motorcycle Modeling Center
Mr.Zhang You Zhi, Tian Jin FAW Automobile Developing Center


Since the invention of the automobile, German vehicle designs have served as industry leaders for a number of reasons. German automobiles are world renown for their outstanding quality and attention to passenger safety. In addition, German automobiles are traditionally also attractive because their elegantly classic styling.

Our design is based on VW vans. It uses the current VW van’s base construction. Furthermore, on the basis of the “vertical consanguinity” principle, you can find many features of VW’s vans from my design work.

Regarding to the safety – it is equipped with 2 safety systems:

(IPAS) “The Independent Passenger Amortization System” and (PPS)”The Pedestrian Protection System ”

Also, this automobile uses a non-pollution energy source, has huge passenger space and should be affordably priced for the use of common people.