Latko by Michael Latko, Poland

2005: Germany.

Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Michał Latko, 25, is a student of Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland. He dreams about establishing an automotive design facility at his university so that his younger colleagues would have an easier way to develop their design skills.

In his opinion, there is nothing more inspiring than challenges like Michelin Challenge Design because they have stated a theme and allow the designers to transform their thoughts into sketches and possibly scale models. The end result will be judged by people that can verify whether you have created a masterpiece or just another ordinary vehicle.

Latko believes that car design is a combination of engineering and stylistics. The most difficult thing is to find some kind of golden means: the form, which is both beautiful and comfortable. He does not value his work, because he will let others do that for him. He dreams about becoming a famous Polish automotive designer.


What is German design?

Without a doubt, German design is functionality, simplicity, reliability, advanced technology and innovatory solutions, although these are just some of the associations. However, for me, German design is all about the Bauhaus and the people who created it. In my opinion, Bauhaus was the beginning of German design and due to the ideas of the Bauhaus, German design is presently associated with functionality and modernity.

My vehicle design is highly inspired by this great design school, which has had a great influence not only on German designers but also on the whole art of the 1920s, 30s and up to the present. As is well known, Bauhaus isn’t only architecture, design, photography, music, painting, but it is also creating things, which are original, functional and are not costly.

My dream is to create a vehicle which is not just a means of transport but which also has a beautiful form referring with its shape to functionality of Bauhaus and its creators. The Bauhaus inspires me and my primary targets are simplicity, functionality and unlimited space. Cars should be first of all spacious and I believe that society will grow-up to my friendly vehicle design solution and will enjoy driving it….some day.