Nexus by Waldemar Namyslo, Germany

2005: Germany.

Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Waldemar Namyslo, 32, was born in Gleiwitz, Poland, and has lived in Germany for the past 28 years. Currently, he works as a transportation designer for Westfalia Van Conversion. Before his current job, he had an internship at Sortimo Speedwave (Exterior/Interior for MAN, DaimlerChrysler and Volkswagen).

He received a diploma in Industrial Design from the University Magdeburg in 2001 and then completed a degree in International Management from the same university in 2002.


My concept based of a very functional design. The formation focused the essential elements – the entry, boot, safety, high comfort for the passengers and the overview for the driver and the passengers. The Interior should create individual clearance for the user. My concept is a composite between a SUV and a Van. The car has big wheels (high ground clearance), a long wheelbase, a plane floor and a high seat position for the driver. The entrance foot the passengers are very wide. The entrance to the hold is flexible. Roller blinds allow a flexible opening. The sandwich floor has enough space for the battery and the electric motor. This concentric configuration offers an optimal weigh distribution. The seat configuration is flexible and very light and simple the targa roof allows a light interior.