Samir 2005 by Samir Suleymanov, Azerbaijan

2005: Germany.

Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Samir Suleymanov was born in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan Republic, in December, 1984. After finishing the secondary school #20, he entered Azerbaijan International University in 2001 seeking a degree from the faculty of Foreign Languages (English).

Besides studying, he has worked at the Press Service of “Neftchi” Football Club in 2002-2004. He currently works at the Association of Football Federations of Azerbaijan at the Department of Information.

Samir’s hobbies include drawing especially caricatures. He has participated in some international caricature competitions and some of his works have been published in newspapers.

His passion is designing as it is more than just a hobby, it is his whole life. He designs furniture, interiors of buildings, miscellaneous life object and especially cars.


This sports car has an original design for its unusual view. The originality of this car consists of that the front and the back-sides are almost the same. Watching the car from the top it’s hard to recognize the direction of it. The engine is to be placed at the back-side. The car is also preferable for its aerodynamic design. The car has five headlights at the front, three headlights and two silencers at the back. There is a straight air stream passageway located along the car, which is created for the easy movement of the car in high speed. The wheels are located far aside the car body. This specific reduces the danger for the drifting and rolling.

Most of people who watch the design say that this car is created for the next century. But I don’t think so. Because the life requires innovations!