The Hauler by Vincent E. Gardner, USA

2005: Germany.

Illustrations on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Passion for design in the international style best describes me. German design and car design has always been my thrust. Having a Masters Degree in industrial design, it has given me the chance to be involved in many areas of design. Product, exhibit, lawn, package, print, web, and transport are all areas of design I have experienced .Why so many? I love design.

Design can be hard but only if you do not learn to see clearly. Owning a high end Porsche, from time to time I go out and study the details and I always find something that lets me know what design represents. In the 15 years I have studied design, I have also become an instructor, teaching high-end software such as Alias studio tools, Maya, all Adobe products, Web development tools and CAD software. I think design has become and will continue to be a global experience. It is the designer’s job to stay aware of the forces that change and create new ones. I think good design can make you happy but GREAT design is satisfying, I prefer satisfaction. Design can be a powerful force of change in the world, but only when we apply it to a problem and FOCUS.


The hauler is a neo-Bauhaus experiment in a long haul truck design. Visual form is inspired by the Ulm School of Design philosophy that good design is simple. Modularizing the functions as an expression of the form is Ulm to the fullest. The form has become a clean vision of the future, a fuel-efficient future. The engine is designed in a self contained Pod that is lifted out for repair or upgrade to new engine. A heads-up display in the cab along with video display rear view side mirrors give the driver complete control. Parts are easy to exchange due to standard chassis design.