TP (Three Passengers) by Dan Ka, China

2005: Germany.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Dan Ka is a college student of Wuhan University of Technology in China where he will graduate next year with a degree in vehicle engineering.

Since his childhood, he has loved cars and car design, which lead him to specialize in vehicle engineering in college. He uses his daily life experiences as his inspiration and he melts his ideas and cognition into his car design.

Dan Ka is good at expressing his idea in design. He has attended the Crazy Originality Car-design Competition on campus and acquired some achievements. Last year, Wuhan University of Technology supported their students to innovate their vehicle plans and with another student was chosen to take part in the Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2004 in Shanghai. He can also master the sketch and use some computer design tools such as 3ds max, photoshop and UG.


TP is the shortened form of the name of my concept design—Three Passengers, for it is designed on a small size and allows for three passengers.

Bauhaus pays attention to utility and concision in design. In my design there is much more aesthetic feeling of the structure with an addition of some dissymmetrical elements. TP reflects the theory uppermost function of Bauhaus in space. Owing to use Drive-By-Wire, the steering wheel can fold upwards, then the driver’s seat is capable of being revolved 180°backwards. This is convenient for the communication between the passengers. The angle of the door when it is open is economical regarding using space. Its’ circular beer barrel contour has a 360°platform that will make you have a good view. TP is designed for the compact city use.

TP uses fuel cell power, which is not only useful to human life but also to our environment.

TP will be the fresh symbol in our modern time and it will bring more energy and more happiness to business people and the city.