8WD by Datum, Joseph Liang, Taiwan

2006: California.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Joseph Liang lives in Taiwan.


8WD is a car with hybrid power train and each power connect with different 4 wheels, on the inside of wheels linking to internal combustion, outside wheels generated by electronic, this kind of layout can not only provide huge horse power but also save energy.

The concept represents three distinct views of California: Hollywood style, eco system and a V8 engine.

What represent California? It would be Hollywood. Who can affect California? It would be a Hollywood star. Hollywood stars are uncommon people. Therefore, properties that are luxurious, unique and beautiful can represent them and attract their followers. My concept will suit the Hollywood stars and attract followers to meet the demand of the California market.

Everybody realizes that California has the strictest emission rules in the world. Therefore, using a powertrain with a hybrid or electronic device is necessary.

Even though a V8 engine conflicts with the eco system, I believe that the American nature could not bear a vehicle with low power.

To conclude, the theme of design is 8WD. A car that has a strong frame linked eight-wheel and dressing American aesthetics. There are four-wheel of inside driven by an internal combustion engine. The others are driven by electronic power system mounted in the wheel.