Bowser by Jacco Lammers, Netherlands

2006: California.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Jacco Lammers, 24, was born in Haarlem, the Netherlands. He studied Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. In 2004, he founded SundayAfternoon webservices and was the chairman of the research project: Brazil’04. In 2005, he initiated his concept project, “Bowser”, while doing an internship at Modesi.


BOWSER is a car that enables people to show-off their environmental consciousness. Green products often make concessions on performance and looks when compared to ordinary consumer products. Agreeing on the fact that this issue will not be solved by technology on short notice, the solution lies in making these imperfections acceptable. In order to achieve this, a metaphor is used that illustrates the way the car should interact with its user: the pet dog.

A pet dog seems to fulfill a need ‘to talk about’ a shared subject and to have something ‘to talk to’. The ‘shared subject’ in this case is often a result of the dog having its own agenda like running away and not getting in the car. It asks for a way of interacting that is indirect: a cookie might convince him to get in the car. These things are common for all dog owners and therefore the dog is a constant subject of discussion and enables a low entrance level for conversation with strangers.

The product
How is this reflected in BOWSER? First of all, the car communicates its environmental friendliness; suggesting and showing its energy source and power train. Second, an indirect way of interacting is achieved by creating layered and reactive properties. These properties create an adorable feel to the car assuring the accessibility a ‘shared subject’ needs. Third, in order to ‘show-off’ with the car, the car itself is designed to be experienced as precious in a way that it becomes desirable to onlookers.

As a mission statement BOWSER resets the Californian ‘see and be seen’ scene. BOWSER is not about flexing muscles and shiny chrome; instead it is all about expressing the state of the art in environmental friendly mobility. Show off with your environmental consciousness and impress your friends with the high-tech drive train. BOWSER matches environmental needs to Californian flair. Californication never felt so right.

Special features
The Bowser includes special features like an inviting large front entrance door. The Michelin Tweel tires and the rear-wheel steering create a special driving experience. With the interactive front fenders and lighting (eyes) the BOWSER can show its mood to the driver. The water tap in the interior functions as the exhaust pipe of the Fuel Cell. The body is made of flax fiber reinforced polymer and will degrade after three years. All expensive parts are made to last and to be reused in future cars.

Project Realization
BOWSER is an internship of Jacco Jammers at Modesi. Modesi is a young Dutch design and engineering agency specialized in vehicle development. Jacco Lammers is an undertaking and promising Dutch designer from the TU Delft (Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering). Both the BOWSER design and 1:4 clay model have been created by Jacco Lammers under supervision of Modesi. For the high level finishing Akzo Nobel applied the energy efficient Sikkens Autowave basecoat and clearcoat finish.