Brutale by THDU Design, France

2006: California.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Thierry Dumaine, 47, lives in Nice, France and has been a student of the arts for more than 20 years. He is interested in all types of design including graphic, transportation, environmental and product.


The name of my concept is, Brutale, because it’s a car which must be solid and also charming like a woman. The concept is based on two hot lines: the independent four wheels which can turn on 360° with an engine in each rim with special tires based on the tweel system by Michelin and the principle of duality.

The general design depends of the two things: the extreme possibility of movement in different axes of the wheels and the adaptability of the tires to the environment.

I imagined a dashboard which accepts this data. The steering wheel has four handles and an accelerator which can command the four engines they are connected to in standard use or independent in manual use. A computer screen shows the position and the rotation speed of the wheels. One can also modify the hardness of the tires starting from this screen. Special buttons supplement the dashboard with the cramps button to raise the cramps manually from the park button. When you press it , the car with the laser analyses the space and it is parked automatically.

The fuel tank is like the battery cell of the phone, it as a standard shape and it is removable. It accepts different sorts of energy and they can be mixed (electricity, hydrogen, water, gas). You can make standards exchanges at a special gas station.

Brutale makes it possible to go downtown as easily as to the beach or in desert. The general design is directed towards the fun and the fun in the Californian sun.