Concept “Cresty” by Tamas Hartai, Hungary

2006: California.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Tamas Hartai, 23, resides in Budapest, Hungary and is in his fourth year studying product design at the Hungarian University of Arts and Design. His work experience includes a three-month internship at Volkswagen Advanced Design Potsdam Team in 2004 and various school projects with Mercedes’ designers Harald Leschke and Gerhard Honer.

Besides being selected as a 2006 Michelin Challenge Design finalist, he received first place with a school colleague in the Audi Hungary “Vehicle from the Future” design contest. In 2004 he was a finalist in the Gaz de France International Design Contest and in 2003 was selected as a top ten finalist in the Opticore and Car Design News “Go Digital” Competition. He has received numerous other achievements in design over the past few years.


My aim was to design a vehicle that both fits for the beach and for the city as well. It’s for people who like outdoor sports and going out. The shape on the top of the car is like a crest on a bird-head, when it’s removed the car is like a pick-up with lots of space in the back for jet-skis, surfboards.

“Cresty” is powered by a fuel-cell system that is placed in the bottom of the car allowing for more interior space. It can be a 2-seater pick-up or a 5-seater sports wagon.

On different kinds of tracks (sand/asphalt), a different tire surface is needed and the special wheel allows changing tire surfaces. The shaped tire has different inner and outer side and can be fully turned out (2 in 1).
It’s controlled (twisting out the tire or locking it) by an electromagnetic system that interacts directly with the tire (which contains magnetic conductive material). Road clearance can change automatically depending on the selected tire surface.