E-Ride by Takuro Hiraiwa, Japan

2006: California.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Takuro Hiraiwa is a freelance designer from Japan. In addition to his selection as a 2006 Michelin Challenge Design finalist, he received the second prize in the 1999 CarStyling ICDC and honorable mention in the 1999 2nd Mitsubishi Motors International Design Competition.


Concept vehicle is suitable for land with warm and dry climates like California. With an open top roof, the sport motorbike can be invigorating. It can become a four-wheel motorbike by removing a neck protector and changing a sheet and handle. It can also become a formula car with another variation.

A drive mechanism used an in-wheel motor. By optimizing rotation of four flowers by computer, it is stabilized to perform better in corners and has anti-lock brakes.

A power supply uses a battery and a capacitor. Since a capacitor is lightweight and compact, it charges using the regeneration brake function of a motor at the time of a slowdown, and it uses it conversely at the time of acceleration. It will use the electricity of a battery, stabilizing this and will prolong the life of a battery.

Since an operation system is a drive-by-wire, it has a possibility that not only a handle but the controller which can be operated only on foot will be incorporable. A handicap driver can also experience the same experience as a healthy person.