Éclair by Alexander Kotlyarevsky, Ukraine

2006: California.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Alexander Kotlyarevsky, 27, was born and raised in Ukraine but currently resides in Italy. He left Ukraine to study English and Business at universities in Great Britain. He eventually received his BSc (Honors) in Automotive Industrial Design from Swansea Institute, Great Britain in 2003. He continued his education with a Master in Design degree at Domus Academy, Milan, Italy. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Car and Transportation Design from Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan with an expected graduation in 2006.

Alexander is proficient in 3D modeling, clay modeling, free hand sketching, illustration, concept generation, marketing and business, emerging technologies and many more facets of design. He is fluent in three languages and currently in the process of learning Italian.

In 2003, he was selected to exhibit an amphibious vehicle project at the New Designers Exhibition at London’s Business Design Center. In 2004, he experimentally invented a new material of flexivle ceramic Flexstone and took part in the International Exhibition Cersaie, Bologna.


Éclair from French means lightning and I choose this name because it is powered by an electric hybrid system. It is a result of research and development work for the inadequate approach to the vehicle design presented by two prototypes. The aim of this project is for a wide usage of alternative and experimental materials for the interior and exterior design, adoptable and changeable space frame construction, and an electric generator for the power plant (hybrid electric system one which will generate the electricity and another which convert it from motion back, so it will be a close chain of electric flow).

Another aspect of the concept is maximizing the role and performance of the tires by designing a unique system (all wheel drive, each wheel will be represented by twin wheel: one inside of another with motor will accelerate another with no axles). The tires will be made of reinforced silicon alloy to maximize durability, grip and performance, withstanding high and low temperatures. According to the temperature, tires will change color to demonstrate visually as well as electronically its condition and transforming the rubber pattern to adopt to the surface. The system has an advanced reaction on various conditions the prototype is going to contact with, and continuously it is interpretation by personal use will have an effect of a more alive and more feeling machine.

The control system of the prototype is spherical and activated by two spheres under each arm of a driver: in case of a right handed driver the acceleration and brakes will be located under left arm; steering will be located under right arm. Also the prototype can be totally automated. Depending on the condition of the passengers by sensoring the human factor the interior will adopt to maximize the experience of the voyage. The prototype itself is a two-seater, which shows radical combination of technologies and styling.