Fluid by Darius Zieba and Hardy Huck (Supervisor), Germany

2006: California.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Darius Zieba, 24, was born in Poland and is a German citizen. He is currently attending the Academy of Art and Design Offenbach pursuing a graduate degree. He received his university-entrance diploma in 2000 from the College of Art and Design and spent a year in the civilian service.

Over the past few years he has participated in numerous design projects including: the Exterior Design for the Autonomy (Fuel-Cell-platform/ GM) in 2005 and the child car seat for DaimlerChrysler. Other projects have included the interior and exterior design for high speed trains and an interior concept for the DaimlerChrysler V-Class.


My vision is a revolutionary new body style in car design. It is based on the GM autonomy platform that provides propulsion and powertrain in a flat skateboard chassis. Fuel cell technology and the drive-by-wire concept allows a maximum clearance in exterior and interior design. The exterior design puts emphasis on the wheel motors and tires. The idea is the combination of interior and exterior, shown by a radical reduction of the exterior volume.

My concept serves this desire consequently. Pure driving pleasure without compromise is promised by the honest and reduced design. Similar to a motorbike, the essence of driving was my major motivation. So it abandons the roof, too.

The application of drive-by-wire technology enables the driver to control his vehicle in an entirely new way. Acceleration, steering and brakes are regulated by a central trackball. The driver gets all driving information, such as navigation, speed or fuel gage via heads-up-display in his helm.

Fluid is equipped with tires of variable diameter. To reduce energy consumption while traveling long distances or at high speed, the wheel diameter increases. When the vehicle is started the diameter decreases, resulting in an increased acceleration.