Grand Torro by Viktor Sass, Hungary

2006: California.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Viktor Tivadar Sass, 27, is currently pursuing a product design degree at the Hungarian University of Craftarts and Design in Budapest, Hungary. He has work experience at Invictus Games Ltd. where he helped produced computer games.

He has received numerous design awards including the first place prize four times in the Camion Truck and Bus Magazine International Design Competition. He also has finished first in the 2003 HungarianCar Design Competition and the 2003 Motor Trend International Design Contest. Besides being selected as a finalist in the 2006 Michelin Challenge Design, this year he also finished second in the Audi, Hungarian Design Contest.


My concept was not to design a car like a Lamborghini LM, but to design a sporty-off-roader for young people who like the extremities, and for celebrities too. I intended it for a loyal companion of all adventurers in every respect. I used the formal language of Murcielago and Gallardo to keep values of Lamborghini design. It would be a real characteristic and exclusive vehicle above today’s hobby-over lands.

The basic character of my car is the sportscar silhouette which splits the car’s body. The top painted part is a super-sportscar; the bottom is the off-road side of the car. The off-road surface is covered with rubber. The wheels are the main design feature of the car. These are large and have an irregular shape. It has a well known five holed Lambo-style rim, but the holes dip into the rubber.

The car from the front looks like a quad because it has high kept fenders and visible, massive suspension parts. The rear end has a similar feeling as the Murcielago. The new features are the simple shaped exhaust-pipe and the unique bumpers.