Grip: Unlimited by Carlos Eduardo de Carvalho, Brazil

2006: California.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Carlos Eduardo de Carvalho, 24, was born and raised in Brazil. He graduated in 2004 with a degree in design. Carlos is a two-time finalist for Michelin Challenge Design with his design being selected for the first time in 2004. He has also been a finalist in the Motor Trend Design Contest as well as being a finalist for a Brazilian magazine’s design competition.

In September 2005, Anisio Campos, a well known Brazilian designer called him to join Obvio!, a new company he was developing. The first mission was to make two cars from scratch in 50 days, a sporty one and a micro-car. Both of these cars were in the San Francisco Auto Show, the Los Angeles Auto Show and the Orlando Auto Show.

His interests include sketching, renderings, modeling, 3D modeling, engine building, new technologies and creating new concepts.


Unlimited is the word that describes what this car can do. The project has a new kind of tire that can put the full power or full braking of a sports car immediately on the ground only limited by the drivers’ control. Improving a little bit of the Tweel technology, I created two wheels with one tire, using the idea of a mat, one regular wheel and a smaller one straining the tire.

When do we need grip? We need grip when we are braking, accelerating and turning. We do not need grip when we are maneuvering, in the slow traffic, maintaining speed or for saving fuel.

The system basically works by electronics that analyze the speed, acceleration and the drivers’ actions. When turning, braking or accelerating, these actions need more grip. Therefore the system lowers the mat, lowering the smaller wheel and increasing the grip. When the wheel is completely low, the grip is maximum, used for emergency braking and full acceleration. The system also gives the right grip when turning or adjusting as needed.

The grip design was made for class and sport at the same time. It is a car that can be used for going to the beach or at night going to a restaurant.