Huzzar El Toro by Ryszard Szymanski, Poland

2006: California.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Ryszard Szymanski currently lives in Poland. In the mid-1990’s he worked in a design office of the Jelcz bus factory. He then moved on to designing vehicle accessories for Heko company. Currently designing is just his hobby. The presented works have been made in the 3dsmax program.

In 2003, he took the 2nd place at the Ford TeSto contest. The subject was a new design of the Ford T. He also won the 1st place at the contest for spiritual successor of Fiat 500 from 1957.

In 2004, he took the 3rd place at the contest for the successor of the Warszawa car. He is also a two-time Michelin Challenge Design finalist with his designs being selected for 2005 and 2006 challenges.


The Huzzar el Toro is a combination SUV, Van and Truck. It is a five-person vehicle with a two+three seating configuration. The information is displayed on the windscreen, which helps the driver to concentrate on the road, and thus improves safety. Large windows provide perfect visibility for city driving. A push-pull door opening system gives excellent access to the interior and the high body gives plenty of room in the cabin and spacious trunk.The vehicle is driven by electric engines installed in the hubs of all the wheels and fed from fuel cells placed under the floor. This allows for a lower center of gravity for the vehicle despite its high body. Front and rear lights are LED-illumination. There is perfect vision in night through the NightVision system. The wheels are based on the “Tweel” system by Michelin. The brake system is ADS (Advanced Disk System) by Delphi and is brake-by-wire. The independent suspension comes with hydromagnetic shock absorbers. The steering system is drive-by-wire. The body of car is made of aluminum and carbon fibers.