Hybster Eco-Vehicle by Goran Marinkovic, Serbia and Montenegro

2006: California.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Goran Marinkovic, 24, resides in Serbia & Montenegro. He graduated from Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2005 with a degree in Industrial Design specializing in design, art and basic engineering. He is pursuing a career in automotive and product design and innovation.

Besides being selected as a finalist for the 2006 Michelin Challenge Design, this year he received the second prize in the Internal Design Contest for Gorenje. Other accomplishments have included the 2003 Editor’s Choice Award for the Motor Trend Design Competition, 2nd place in the 2005 Danubius Conference and the award for great achievement in industrial design at the 2004 International Summer School of the University of Applied Arts in Belgrade.


Concept HYBSTER is an ecological vehicle designed to satisfy needs and taste of the Californian market. It is a unique combination of limousine luxury, agility of a small city car and attractively of a sports car.

It is powered by two engines. Fuel cells are placed in front of the car using hydrogen as a fuel. Four independent electro engines are placed on each wheel (one engine by wheel). The main battery is placed bellow trunk floor.

All engines are working alternately depending on driving style. The Hybster has a range of 300 km since it can call on the energy accumulated during braking by its lithium fuel cells stored under the floor. When combined with all wheel drive this offers the appetizing prospect of sports car performance combined with environmental compatibility.

Each wheel can be steered separately. That allows vehicle to make a full circle with very small radius. This system helps at the parking car in tight places between other cars – now it can move obliquely.

Sensors, placed all around the car, detect every object in diameter of 10 meters around the car. They also can detect quality and kind of the road and automatically setup suspensions, car height, tire pressure ant active control of each wheel. That increase steering and comfort. All data are displayed on control LCD in cockpit. This setup can be done manually.

Overall design is intended to express both power and elegance, and to give the car a solid (but not heavy) look. The theme from the front is repeated at the rear and on the car’s sides (in a slightly different way). Big alloy wheels with run-flat Michelin tires accentuate sporty image. Body panels made of aluminum, carbon fiber and recyclable plastics are attached to an aluminum space frame. Large panels of glass are dominating which makes light, inspectional interior and feeling of large space.