Landscape by Antoine Gaillot-Drevon and Adrien Devauchelle, France

2006: California.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Adrien Devauchelle and Antoine Gaillot-Drevon both reside in France. Adrien made the 3D image of the van and Antoine the overall design. Adrien, 17, likes making 3D specialty vehicles using software like blender or 3D’s max. Antoine is currently pursuing his college education at an art school. He is fascinated about automobiles and wants to become a car designer. Their dream is to work in the automobile industry.


The concept we designed is a van for excursions. It can transport more than four passengers and two surfboards. All the commands are electric including the piloting and brakes. There is a battery in the floor that connects to the steering wheel and to the wheels which are also steered by electricity. There is no real motor like in cars today.

The interior is spacious and the vision of the road is good due to the large windshield. The design of the exterior is specific: the tire size is bigger than the other cars, so we had to design specific wheels. We had to find a balance between the tire size and the rest of the car. We used a two-colored body. The aspect of the car is lovable thanks to the headlights and to simple lines throughout.