Michelin E.A.P. Tire System by James Owen, USA

2006: California.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


James Owen is the principal and owner of James Owen Design. He has created and developed concepts, products, and strategies for clients such as HP, Fed Ex, Whirlpool, COCIF Italia, NSR, Starbucks, Colgate, Intel, and Sharp. He has won several Gold and Silver awards from the Industrial Designers Society of America, four GOOD DESIGN awards from the Chicago Athenaeum and he holds several patents. www.jamesowendesign.com.


Michelin E.A.P. is a tire system designed to take advantage of current and forthcoming advances in hybrid drivetrain technology and composite vehicle construction. E.A.P. stands for “Electroactive Polymer” and are plastic materials that can change shape and size when a given voltage or current is applied. The E.A.P. wheel and tire assembly draws voltage from a hybrid-engined vehicles’ batteries and capacitor. This voltage activates articulated treading that responds to changing road conditions. These advanced polymers have been crossbred with hybrid engine technology and vehicle mounted, electrostatic collectors to create a new kind of efficient and adaptive tire concept.