Moving by Lan Tian, China

2006: California.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Lan Tian, 24, is an automotive designer living in Beijing, China. He graduated from Wuhan Univeristy of Technology in 2003. He is a two time Michelin Challenge Design finalist (2003, 2006). In 2005, he received the “Digital Award” in International Car Design Competition from Car Styling Magazine and was a finalist in the ICDC-2003.


The car is a 3-seat pure sport vehicle, which focus on young generation pursuing high speed in California. The idea of the vehicle is origin from the big head sea fish in the coasts of California. And it shows the relationship between the car and California as the sea fish and the coasts.

The streamlines sea-fish-like body the can help the vehicle get a much more higher speed. The hard edge embodies the power and future’s high tech. The large wheels with long wheel base at the corners gives the car an excellent driving behavior and a good straight ling stability. The large wheels need less turns so that less energy is expended.

The car uses the fixed power of the hydrogen full cell and the gas. With the Drive-by-wire technology there are two drive systems in the car. At low speed (as at normal mode) the front wheels are driven by the little electro motors using the power of the fuel cell with high rotate speed as small torque. At high speed (as at sport mode) the car is driven by the two turbo fan engines at the end of the car which use the gas (like H2). And then the electro motors become the generators. The control unit computer of the car will chose which drive system to use with the information from the wheels. And then we can get little or no pollutions while we can also get such an exiting high speed.