Quasar Terragen by Tomas Sarnovsky, Czech Republic

2006: California.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Tomas Sarnovsky, 34, lives in the Czech Republic and is the owner of an independent CG company, Quasar Design Studio.


Trucks are very popular in the USA for its practicality. This truck is based on the hydrogen carriage unit. All gearings including electricity and electronics system are placed between double floors.

Disclosed big wheels show uncompromising skills in terrain. The Michelin Tweel system is assembled with the tread that is able to change its profile. The tread is settled with cells containing magnetic liquid. Electronics detect conditions of road surface. The red parts of tread are stuck out on the sand or mud improve capability of driving.

The setting space is assembled from three joint parts. The rear doors are fixed on the telescopes. The floor segments can be lie out on the flat surface using the actuating motor (similar as sliding caisson). This solution enables 30 % increase of the cargo area.