Regeneratair by Iliya Cerjak, Netherlands

2006: California.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Iliya Cerjak was born in Amsterdam, Holland in 1967. At a very young age, he was fascinated by mechanical design. And already as a little kid he was designing all kinds of machinery.

He graduated in mechanical engineering in 1989. He has worked as a mechanical design engineer ever since. Currently he is chief engineer at the scientific research lab FOM-AMOLF in Amsterdam Holland. He was the winner of the Hewlett Packard Mechanical Design Challenge in 1998 and 2000.


The Regeneratiar is a regenerating system, converting a vehicle’s kinetic energy into potential energy.

When braking, the generated energy is stored in compressed air. This stored energy is used for auxiliary power when the vehicle pulls away, by means of an air motor driving the wheel. The system is built inside the wheel(s) of the vehicle.

This alternative hybrid powering not only significantly improves the fuel economy of the vehicle it may even improve its performance. The system is emission free. When used in combination with a combustion engine the engine’s emission is drastically reduced. Especially useful in city traffic, for example in Californian urban areas with a high smog risk.

The system is electronically controlled and monitored by a computer system similar to an ABS control system.

By using compressed air as a power supply the weight of the power supply is minimized. A cars otherwise unused wheel rim space is a unique and simple place to realize high-pressure air tanks. The fitting of a compressor and air motor drive unit and its controls, has proven realistic and possible by this feasibility study.