Silver Shark by Sun Qi, China

2006: California.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


When Sun Qi was a child he was very interested in machines such as vehicles and ships. His father was a skillful worker and taught him how to make model toys using paper and glue. With hard practice, Sun constructed his own mini factory to build his toys. Sun continued his designing through his studies and when he entered his university he was able to concentrate more on his design goals.


“Sliver Shark” is a kind of electronic motorbike for leisure. It can be driven by one person to reach a high speed, or can accommodate two adults and a child via metamorphose through change of its body.

On the highway, narrower tires are good for running on top speed; while on the beach, you can use the computer to inflate the tires automatically in order to promote its ability to pass a go through on sand as you wish.

The scale model is made of ABS & PVC plastics. Two months were spent in making its parts and sticking them together. A pair of mirrors are stand in the middle of the model to show you two different conditions. One is “close for parking” and the other is “open for three persons”.