DEFENDER by Lov Meena and Mousumi Biswas, India

2007: Sharing the Road.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Lov Meena, 25, is currently enrolled in a PG course in product design at the National Institute of Design in India. Lov has a keen interest and passion for automobile designing.

Mousumi Biswas, 25, is currently an architect doing post graduate work in industrial design at the National Institute of Design in India.


This car was designed considering the safety aspect in mind. The design we propose simply interacts in such a way that it communicates to the other cars simply through cognitively principles using the tail light as a medium.

The tail light indicates the car speed to the driver who is behind or following the car which allows other vehicle drivers to judge the speed of the car from a far off distance in the highways and to therefore respond accordingly. The tail light has different segmental niches with different color intensity to indicate the speed of the car.

The bumper and the side panel are equipped with a spring based attachment which would spring out of the car and avoid direct contact and absorb more than half the impact on the object to which it collides. There also is an Automatic Retractable cushion on the screen that activates to protect the pedestrians from major injuries.

This car has special sensors which detect the space available and accordingly adjusts the tire spacing. It has an automatic adjustable setting for modes like rough terrain or more speed in which case the tire spacing increases to give the vehicle more stability. And when it is switched to fast mode the spacing of the tire reduces thus reducing the air resistance creating better aerodynamics.