Fiat Scratch by Uros Pavasovic, Autodesk, Avto Triglav, EP Studio, Iskra Avtolektrika, Kovinoplastika Loz, RAMPF, Sinter, Slovenia

2007: Sharing the Road.

Full Size Vehicle on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Uros Pavasovic was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia but is currently a London based designer. He received his BA in Architecture at the University of Ljubljana in 1999 and his MA in Vehicle Design from the Royal College of Art (RCA), UK in 2006.

Before his studies at RCA, he worked as an architect and product designer. During this time he successfully participated in many international car design competitions. He currently works on his own freelance automotive design projects and is also active in the area of yacht design in collaboration with Andrew Winch Designs. He intends to continue his career as an independent product and vehicle designer.

Uros has designed many independent vehicle design projects including: Fiat Scratch (2006), Roadqueen (2006), Xin Lang (2004) and the Citroen Gouttelette (2003). His work experience also includes projects for Design a Storz, Gigodesign, Seaway Company and 7th Arc Company.

Uros design experience also includes many honors and achievements received in design competitions around the world. Besides his selection as a 2007 Michelin Challenge Design finalist, he was also selected as a finalist for Michelin Challenge Design in 2003 and 2004.

In 2006, he was the winner of the Carmen Award and the Design for Our Future Selves Award. Other achievements include: Anfia Design Competition (3rd prize, 2002), Car Styling Design Competition (Finalist, 2001), Motor Trend Design Competition (Honorable Mention, 2001), Ford Design Competition (Winner, 1999 and Finalist, 1997) and Mitsubishi Design Competition (Honorable Mention, 2000 and Finalist, 1999).


Fiat Scratch: The story
The car was originally designed as my final MA project at the Royal College of Art and was presented as a quarter scale model at the summer show 2006 in London. The response from public and design community was very positive and as a result the car became a part of the exhibition on history and future of cars ‘Mitimacchina’ in the Museum of modern and contemporary art in Rovereto, Italy. At the moment the ‘scratch happy bumper’ idea is also a finalist in the ‘Fiat 500 wants you’ competition, awaiting their final selection.

Because the scale model was positively received, the decision was taken to enter it in the 2007 Michelin Challenge Design and present it as a full size car.

Fiat Scratch: Safety theme
Safety is more than passenger safety cells and electronic driving aids. Safety is also about stress free and positive attitude to driving which modern, big, intimidating and aggressively shaped cars often fail to achieve. Creating a less stressful and less aggressive driving environment benefits safety.

Small, fun, sociable, dynamic and positive, Fiat Scratch is not only shaped to give its occupants a feeling of safety. It is also designed to bring smiles on the faces of the drivers and create a non-offensive driving environment and reduce aggressive driving. ‘Scratch happy’ bumper is one feature that should make people fell less protective and worried about their cars and therefore less aggressive when their cars are in ‘danger’.