Himself by Antoine Gaillot-Drevon, France

2007: Sharing the Road.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Antoine Gaillot-Drevon, 19, resides in France and is a two-time Michelin Challenge Design finalist (2006, 2007). Antoine is currently pursuing his college education at an art school. He is fascinated about automobiles and wants to become a car designer. His dream is to work in the automobile industry.


My goal is to answer the question: how can we avoid a shock? So, my project contains a system which can calculate the distance with the precedent vehicle and the speed which is adapted to prevent the accident. But I don’t want a car which drives itself; so the car’s computer gives messages to the driver which is transmitted to the steering wheel in which there are some diodes. When the steering wheel is red, the driver should slow down. When it is blue, there is no risk of shock. And the steering wheel stays in grey when the car is stopped.

My second idea is to remove the traffic panels. There are some electronic chips instead of the panels. When the car drives along the chips, it receives information and the panel is displayed on the windscreen. The driver continues to look at the road through the windscreen. This process allows avoidance of some accidents with pedestrians downtown.