Integral Designed Safety School Van by Mariel Miranda and Nicolas Ceruti, Mexico

2007: Sharing the Road.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Mariel Miranda graduated in 2004 as an Industrial Designer at “F.A.U.D.” Arquitecture, Urbanism and Design Faculty in the U.N.C. “Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina”. Her personal interests include ideas, concepts and solutions for real products and she has a passion for innovation, aesthetics and practically of use and sense. She would like to pursue the goal of design in fields like safety for children, toys, and learning by activities.

Nicolas Ceruti graduated in 2004 as Industrial Designer at “F.A.U.D.” Arquitecture, Urbanism and Design Faculty in the U.N.C. “Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina”. When he was eight years old he began dreaming about being a car inventor. Years later, he finally decided he wanted to become a car designer and therefore began his studies at a Technical School in Mechanical engineering. That experience reinforced his passion for vehicles, mechanics and design. He has worked for five years in the mold making industry, actually working for the plastic industry designing promotional products. Though, he still is in pursuit of his ultimate dream, being a successful car designer.


This development is based on a complete new vehicle designated for school passengers. Taking the concept , auto-propulsated powertrains compounded by Electric moto-wheels and powered by a hydrogen fuel cell batteries, this configuration with a Structure in carbon fibber provides an excellent mass distribution (70% of weight (gravity center) near 20″ over the ground).

The strong and impenetrable structure is recovered with engineering plastics and foam panels which can absorb the energy from impacts. In the interior, the seats are exclusively designed for children between the ages of six and 12 years old. The interior structure is made of carbon fibber with high technology foam that avoids possible damage during accidents. Each seat is separate and has its own safety belt.

This vehicle is entirely constructed with electronic technology like by-wire commands, electric power and four-wheel drive. Each wheel is a motor, so the performance needed in the tires is very important because it’s a power unit with the electric motor. The central computer has a full time job in censoring all dynamic parameters like acceleration, loss of control and panic stops.

The vehicle is also built for the future children transportation using fully integrated systems of high engineering, electronics, materials and design solutions which are available today.