Light Emitting Panels & Leg Protector by Leonardo Lopez-Mobilia, USA

2007: Sharing the Road.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Leonardo Lopez-Mobilia has been working as a computer animator for the past seven years and has a love for Automotive Design and anything related to transportation. He is currently working for Microsoft for the Team of Forza Motorsport in Seattle, Washington.

He has created some interesting car designs which have been showcased in the famous book, “Expose 4”, and another vehicle that is being produced as an R/C car. He is currently in negotiations for a contract to produce a full size exotic car.


The “Light Emitting Panels” could be made with liquid filled plastic compound or any other light transmitting material to make the motorcycle body more visible to the rest of the vehicles giving them a great safety advantage over a standard motorcycle especially in night situations. The panel lights could be changed in color, intensity or to blink according to different traffic situations monitored by simple sensors in the motorcycle. They could be manufactured to be a direct replacement of the original manufacturer parts. This item could also be used as a decorative item for mirrors, or any other parts in any automobile.

Will add a considerable amount of visibility and safety to the Motorcycle especially in night driving situations. Other vehicles will be able to spot motorcycles from farther away and will definitely notice their presence when they are next to them. By the use of simple proximity sensors on the bike, the lights could change colors or intensity or even blink to warn near vehicles of the danger. It will actually turn the bike into a huge soft light that could be seen from anywhere. It also could make a beautiful addition to any vehicle customization.

The “Leg Protector” is a safety item designed for use on any motorcycle as an extra means of protection for the legs of the rider. Made of Titanium, Carbon Fiber or any other high strength, high resistant material, it should withstand the pressure and shock of the most common type of accident while driving a motorcycle (when the bike slides to one side).

In a normal situation the motorcycle would crash the leg of the occupant against the pavement, but in this case the Leg Protector would take all the impact of the accident, thus protecting the leg.

It will have a self retracting cable that attaches to the motorcycle but leaves enough room for the rider to move the leg freely around the motorcycle. The cable will have a safety release device that will let it loose in case of a strong pull caused by an accident for example. It will have a light and buzzer that alerts the rider to take it off when leaving the bike. When not in use, it will attach to the side of the motorcycle or any other convenient place.

This “Leg Protector” will add protection to an otherwise completely unprotected leg of a motorcycle rider, helping them avoid the most common injuries caused by small accidents. It could be manufactured in different colored designs and materials to match the style of the bike or the rider.