Mybus – Drive Safe by Nuno Teixeira, Portugal

2007: Sharing the Road.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Nuno Teixeira, 35, is a designer and lives in Lisbon, Portugal. He graduated with a degree in Decorative Arts/Interior Design from the Higher School of Decorative Arts-Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva Foundation in Lisbon.

The world of design has always been his great passion. He is someone who easily gets interested in different areas, especially in home interiors and automotive design. For the last ten years, he has been designing automobiles, homes, furniture, equipment, product, graphics and WebPages.

He has participated in several design contests. His work has been shown in many different exhibitions and he has been published in numerous specialized magazines. In 2005, he was a finalist in a design award promoted by SEAT Motors and Automagazine Portugal, with a Project named SEAT “LINCE”. This work was published in related magazines and websites.


MYBUS is a vehicle intended to be safer not only for passengers but for pedestrians as well. Comfort, passenger protection and safe interaction with other vehicles are delivered by new proactive safety technologies. Electronic stability programs, smart cruise control, brake by wire, rear detection systems, smart wing mirrors, and Michelin “Twell” tires are the newest technologies that can improve safety and comfort for the driver and the passengers.

The use of an electrical power source was also a main concern to be taken into consideration since it significantly reduces the environmental impact and the danger of an explosion in case of accident. Not being a hybrid vehicle, power is yielded by electric cells placed above the rear wheels away from the most obvious impact zones. In order to improve safety, each wheel has its own independent engine, so that the on-board computer can determine the ideal power to apply them. This engine works according to the road conditions, the type of driving and helps anticipate and react to an imminent accident situation.

All these features are aimed only at making MYBUS the ideal vehicle for those who consider safety a top priority, not renouncing style, design and comfort.