NASA Servo by Team Art Center, USA

2007: Sharing the Road.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

Design Team:

Team Art Center
Anthony Sims (Exterior design)
Alexander Marzo (Interior design)
Roberto Jerez (Design engineer)


Anthony Sims is currently a third term Transportation Design student at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA. Sims is proud to be a second time participant in Michelin Challenge Design. His passion for automobile design started early in high school, focusing his studies on art and engineering. Afterwards, he was accepted to Art Center with a scholarship, where he is now acquiring a further understanding of a designer’s role in the future of the automotive industry. He has a strong interest in new technologies and how they apply to our everyday lives, and appreciated being able to work with Nasa’s JPL and Velozzi for the Michelin Challenge Design this year.

Alexander Marzo, 20, is currently a third term semester Transportation Design student at Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA. Prior to attending Art Center; he studied Industrial Design at Pratt Institute for one year. This allowed him to gain a good fundamental understanding of Product Design processing and problem solving skills, which are interesting to combine in the Automotive creative development. His passion for Automobiles, Yachts, and Motorcycles brought him to Art Center College of Design. The school has provided him with great Instructors, facilities and fellow peers which inspire him everyday to develop fresh ideas and one day hopefully make his dreams become a reality!

On The Nasa Project, working with Anthony Sims and Roberto Jerez’s team from VELOZZI was a great experience. They are a very motivating group of individuals that each brings their own expertise to the table.

Roberto Jerez is president of VELOZZI, a research and development organization that invents, designs and develops technology for alternative energy vehicles and alternative fuels.

Velozzi combines excellent hand-craftsmanship of car design-building with the highest technology. Velozzi is a company dedicated to assisting in solving the energy crisis and global warming. They are an interdisciplinary group of world class automobile designers-builders, engineers, and scientists, with skills in transportation, electrochemistry, electronics, and software development, possessing over 200 years of combined experience.

Velozzi clients and partnerships include JPL-NASA, Weismann transmissions, California Institute of Nano Technology, U.S. Armed Forces and Sony Corporation to name a few.


To predict the future of safety, the new Servo utilizes the newest in NASA technology. This two-seat coupe is aimed at the millions of drivers who commute alone on a daily basis. Being a small car, a strong exo-skeletal liquid metal alloy frame protects the cockpit and also provides visible contrast so that it can be seen by larger vehicles. Liquid Metal is a new strong metal with the molding characteristics of plastic. In case of an impact, external airbags made out of a strong fabric called vectran will increase crumple zones. This technology is similar to that used on the Mars Pathfinder and Mars Rover. Airbags will deploy at medium or high speed impacts which are predicted by radar velocity calculations.

The interior is designed to be both comfortable and safe. The seats, inspired by the shell of a turtle, utilize a high density plastic spine, which flexes in case of an accident, reducing the likelihood of whiplash injuries. To increase visibility, the windshield is extended to the rear pillar, and to allow visibility through the thick a pillar, LCD screens will blend with the outside environment. Both the center LCD panel and driver display will be customizable using and external USB drive. This will allow drivers to adjust themes, text size, brightness, color, and placement; reducing the amount of distractions on the display panel.