Puzzle Crossover by Yi Li, Xia Li and Changping Deng, China and Canada

2007: Sharing the Road.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

Design Team:

Yi Li (designer)
Xia Li (marketing analyst)
Changping Deng (clay modeler)


Yi Li, Designer
Yi Li, 25, is currently pursuing a Master of Science degree in product design Methodology at the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, University of Calgary in Canada. He graduated with a bachelor degree in automotive engineering from Wuhan University of Technology, China in 2003. He has work experience of design and engineering in product development of electric vehicles.

Besides being selected as a 2006 Michelin Challenge Design finalist, he was also a finalist in 2004 Michelin Challenge Design. In Oct. 2004, he received the Special Design Awards: Style Advancement Award in 2004 Michelin Challenge Bibendum by his design –- “Aspire EV” prototype.

Xia Li, Marketing Analyst
Xia Li, 25, graduated with a Master of Science degree in human resource management at the University of Surrey, UK. She also studied in Law at the Tianjin University of Commerce in China from 1999-2003.

Changping Deng, Clay Modeler
Changping Deng, 22, has been studying for a Master of Science degree in mechanical design at the Universite De Bourgone, France. He received his bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering from Wuhan University of Technology, China in 2006. He also has experience in building scale clay models.


Crossover vehicles, essentially SUVs with car-like engineering, are the fastest growing segment of the North America market. This year its total U.S. sales are expected to surpass traditional truck-based SUVs. The design of “Puzzle” shows the concept version of future crossover with next generation driving system — electrical system.

Puzzle views vehicle safety and driver assistance systems in two distinctive phases: Active-safe and Passive-safe. Active-safe, made up by radar, sensors and intelligent controllers, helps drivers avoid dangerous situations and corrects drivers wrong operations. This intelligent controller is integrated with technologies of adaptive speed control system, dynamic sensors and X-by-Wire. Passive-safe protects drivers, passengers and pedestrians by safety structure, such as Orca-head-shaped windshield, 3-phases anti-impact doors and Rollover-Protect Frame, and new resin materials in different portions.

For the product architecture of the Puzzle crossover, a unique segregated architecture is considered under the principle of Adaptable Design to extend the utility and service time of this vehicle. This architecture has the ability of the user to modify this vehicle to perform various functions by easily changing different configurations or to enhance its performance by upgrading power systems or adding on various equipments.