Ridesafe Concept by Christian Burgos, New Zealand

2007: Sharing the Road.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Christian Burgos, 15, was born in the Philippines but migrated with his family to New Zealand when he was four years old. He is currently studying at St. Peter’s College (high school) where he is in his second year.

He began drawing when he was four years old and wanted to become an artist. But after seeing the movie, “I, Robot”, the design of the Audi RSQ inspired him to attempt to design a car for himself. Since then, he spends his leisure time designing vehicles for fun.

He is known for his artwork from friends, family and at school. At school, he does art and graphics as his optional subjects receiving valuable skills and techniques.

Christian also designs houses as well as cars. His future goal is to become an architect or a car designer.


The design is a five-door, five-seater (which has two optional seats in the middle), and is a hatchback. It contains six interior airbags for all passengers. The wide and low body ensures good handling and high grip tires prevent spinning especially when braking or on sharp turns. The bright white and orange colors can not only be attractive but easy to see and it makes pedestrians more aware of the passing car. It is available in other bright colors such as yellow and blue.

The gull wing doors swing upwards without having to worry about hitting passing cars on the road. It has an integrated camera at the back to enable the driver to see behind the car. The rear seats can be adjusted for children to sit higher by extending the back forward which will make the seat higher.