xV Concept by Marin Myftiu, Albania

2007: Sharing the Road.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Marin Myftiu, 22, was born in Tirana, Albania. In 2004, he completed the “Harry T. Fultz” Institute for Electronics and Informatics. Marin is currently in his third year at the University of Tirana studying architecture.

During his five years of informatics orientation, he concentrated on learling Visual Basic, C++ and C# software development. He also had some minor programming experiences with local and European companies.

Marin’s design skills include pencil drawing and sketching, 3D modeling and texturing in 3DS Max, Lightwave and Blender, 2D CAD and scale modeling. His favorite 3D program remains Blender and it is what he has used during the past two years to help with school projects, imagination aid and design competitions.

Marin is attracted in general by every kind of object design; from architecture to furniture. He is fascinated by the challenge of improving the interaction between humans and their surrounding world but most of all, he dreams of a future in car design and constantly works to improve his skills and vision even though it looks hard from his current position.


Streamlined and aggressive, the xV is a blend of aerodynamics and comfort. With large windowed surfaces and extended use of glass in the front end, the visibility from inside is first class. Expanding down to the air intake and front lights, the frontal glass surface is the most distinctive feature of this model, taking unconventional design to a higher degree of adaptability and familiarity in the overall look.

Aesthetically, the process that brings to this volume is some kind of Brancusian sculpturing, reducing the unnecessary show-off of exaggerated detail, at the same time revealing an unconventional car character. With five generous seats, the versatility of the vehicle is maximized, taking into account the highly dynamic design and construction. The seats are accessed by one double door on each side which opens lifting up vertically. The back end is slightly reminiscent of a motorcycle’s rear, partly uncovering the rear wheels.

Its’ main features concerning road safety are:

  • The panoramic glazed surfaces, much larger than those of common designs.
  • Transparent instrument panel.
  • Protective shell structure.
  • Automatic, radar controlled door closure.