C-naptiK by Kobi Goorwich, Sleeparalysis Design, Israel

2008: Smaller. Safer. Better.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Kobi Goorwich was born in Russia but moved to Israel in 1991. In high school he majored in physics and electronics which led to his army service as a communications technician. He currently works as a mechanic at the local “Can-am” and “Suzuki” shop. His influence from military aviation, space, quantum physics, music and other gadgets has led to his participation in design contests either with sketches or scale models of motocross, bikes or ATV’s.


The C-naptiK is an electric urban quad powered by main energy cell which drives four independent electromagnetic motors, one for each wheel. Retractable front and rear axles have been designed to increase/decrease the wheel base for highway and urban use. Motorcycle like steering enables leaning towards the turn and is totally Fly-by-Wire based. An onboard computer and modem manages the physics, the overall handling and enables logging on to the ‘road-net’ for safety features like autopilot, red-light and x-walk auto braking and collision-course avoidance systems. Additional safety features include wearable ‘airbag jacket’, LED lights, handlebar turn lights and optional motor-like sound generator.