CERVA MC08 by Michal Cerva (head of design team), Jiri Bicik, Jana Kunstova, Marketa Schindlerova and Jan Zof, Czech Republic

2008: Smaller. Safer. Better.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

Design Team

Head of Design Team: Michal Cerva
Design Team: Jiri Bicik, Jana Kunstova, Marketa Schindlerova, Jan Zof


Michal Cerva, 26, lives in Kobyly, Czech Republic and graduated with an Industrial Design Degree from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic. He speaks three languages, Czech, English and Deutsch and is proficient in many computer graphic programs. His design experience includes exhibiting at the Design Centrum CR – Robots (2003), the Cardesign Show in Trutnov (2004), the Cardesign Show in Prag (2004) and the 2005 Michelin Challenge Design. His hobbies include design, architecture, music, movies, outdoor activities and motor racing.


CERVA MC08 is a new transport vehicle with one general (multi)-purpose cab. The cab can be used for all different mounts (car, motorcycle, jet plane, yacht or submarine). It could be combined with various extensions. For example, it could be used for road transportation by using its three wheel axle. (According to the accelerated speed in case of stableness, the middle wheel is slipping forward, in slow speed the stableness is established by gyroscopes hidden in the axle.)

Safety is warranted by a solid steel or carbon frame. An inspiration for this technical design was skull of tiger.

“CERVA MC08” is designed for transportion of one person or two people and an adequate load. Motor drive provides hydrogenous cells.