D Shape tilting tires system vehicle by HyukJun Seo, South Korea

2008: Smaller. Safer. Better.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


HyukJun Seo, 23, is currently a fourth year student of transportation design at the YeongNam University Industrial Design. His dream is to become a conceptual transportation designer. When he was young, he frequently saw movies and Japan animation resulting in his creative inspiration. His design idols include the product designer Husakawa Naoto and transportation designer, Ken Okuyama, because they make design straightforward and fresh.

The Korean traditional musical instrument, ‘Azeng’, which is not famous in the world, is straightforward and comfortable. Therefore, he likes oriental style design very much.


Many people like small vehicles because a small body vehicle is easy to park and weighs less enabling for more fuel efficiency. However, the overall height is tall and the tire is small to road handling. This leads to spins or rollover accidents. ‘D-shape tilting tires system’ guards people from this situation. ‘D-shape tires’ has a double-side tread, one side is narrow and the other side is wide. And the suspension has a four hinge. The vehicle can title a little so the overall height is flexible when needed driving on high roads. There also is a greater grip driving on highway corners.