MSZR by Shouzheng Ming, China

2008: Smaller. Safer. Better.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Shouzheng Ming, 22, was born and raised in China. He is currently a fourth term student in the School of Automotive Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology. He is found of “reading” vehicles and always has new ideas for his works and design. All of these new thoughts give a voice to his understanding and exploration of automobile design: that is to use a simple way to unite functionality with aesthetics.

After graduating, he will continue studying automotive engineering and industrial design in depth to get a further understanding of an automobile designer’s role in China, and to continue to develop his own style.


When it comes to urban vehicles, more and more consumers are becoming more interested in smaller cars, but simultaneously, they are not confident in the safety and power standard of the smart cars they will buy. The characteristic of “MSZR” can be summarized in three words: small, safe, sport, which will be the key factor that matches the consumer’s need.

The frame is exposed directly, which provides an enhanced “feeling” of security. The front part of the car frame is a buffer area. When the vehicle hits a wall, there will be a short time that the shape of the buffer area changes, and the sensor in the front of the buffer area detects the shape change and sends an electronic signal to the decelerate unit to reduce the velocity of the seat just before the main braced frame hits the wall. After that, the kinetic energy of both seats can be absorbed by the springs behind them, which can reduce the impact acting on the driver. Besides, the height of the front end is lower, and the windshield is a big camber, so the harm of the pedestrian will be reduced during an accident.

As a sports car with three hubless wheels, MSZR will be able to provide special control ability. The exaggerated rear wheel, as well as the power unit just in front of it, shows, that although small, MSZR is powerful and aggressive.