Vespa Barchetta by Gabriel Wartofsky, USA

2008: Smaller. Safer. Better.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Gabriel Wartofsky is currently a trans design student at the Art Center College of Design, interning at RTTUSA in Detroit, Michigan. He is devoted to green urban mobility design, loves languages, especially the language of design. He is an optimist and believes that elegant solutions will allow us to continue to enjoy mobility without harming the environment as much as we do today.


He who Vespas Eats the Apple.
He who doesn’t Vespa, Does Not!

This classic 70’s add slogan sums up the Vespa experience: a whimsical mix of innocence, romance and classic Italian practicality.

In an attempt to expand the Vespa brand into the realm of ZEV urban mobility, the project proposes a unique vehicle that incorporates the Vespa spirit with a vehicle that meets the diverse needs of the 21st century urban commuter.

While still small enough to provide ideal urban mobility, the Vespa Barchetta aims to address increased distances, cargo needs, safety and weather protection, while not sacrificing the spirit of open air motoring.