Concept SsS by Zsolt Tarnok, Hungary

2009: Brave + Bold. America’s Next Iconic Vehicle.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Zsolt Tarnok, 26, was born in Budapest, Hungary. He received his first Masters Degree in Product Design and Engineering in 2006, at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. For his degreework, he worked on the body design of a racecar, the Turner LMP, in Scotland as an exchange student. After the first degree, he went on studying car design, and did another Masters Course at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, Italy where he finished the Car and Transportation Design course.

During his university years he participated in numerous design contests and had achievements like finalist (top five) in the Motor Trend International Design Contest in 2004; finalist (top ten) in the L’Argus International Utility Vehicle Design Contest 2005; more selections in the annual Hungarian Design Award Contests; and selection for displaying a scale model in the 2007 Michelin Challenge Design Award.

After finishing his studies, he teamed up with former classmate and friend, Gabor Magyari, and now the two are running the ’VirtualDesign’ Studio in Budapest, Hungary. Together, they have had projects including car designs for Hungarian tuner shops, product design projects for Hungarian comapnies, and the complete design process of an exclusive sports car, the ’Vulca V12’ for an Italian coachbuilder.


Concept SsS is the new icon for America. It combines elements and tradition from the past with ultra-modern techology.

The overall volume of the car is similar to past iconic vehicles: long hood, set back cabin position and short tail. The surface treatment is clean and the shape of the car is created with very few lines running along the car. These lines divide the body into surfaces and different materials. The body is as clean as possible, much like a traditional muscle-car: even the headlights are hidden behind the grill so they are invisibile when not illuminated. The shape and detailing enchances power and strength. Some characteristics include a wedge-shaped nose with lower air intakes, an engine air intake on the hood, a widening body and big shoulder over the rear wheel and huge exhaust pipes on the rear.

Under the hood is a new generation engine. It works with pure hydrogen which is stored as liquid under pressure, and when used it is chanelled into a traditional V8 internal combustion engine. It provides extra power respect to gasoline and pure technology as the exhaust gas is steam only. The drivetrain powers up the bigger diameter rear wheels.

The body has dual-structure. The side and roof show the honeycomb carbon-fiber structure of the car, which is the main structural frame to protect the passengers inside. The green areas are soft plastic panels which absorb energy at smaller impacts. The whole wedge-shaped front part is really soft, energy absorbent foam for pedestrian safety.

The wheels unify the wheel spokes with tires as they run from the center and then divide into rubber ribs to give the tread the shape and softness needed without the use of air-pressure.

So thus SsS is brave, bold and ready for the challenge(r)s of today and tomorrow.