Crosswind by Haishan Deng, China

2009: Brave + Bold. America’s Next Iconic Vehicle.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Haishan Deng was born in 1975 in Guangzhou, China. He graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (G.A.F.A.) with bachelor of industrial design in 1998. In 2006, he completed a one semester exchange course in industrial design at Linz University of Art and Design, Austria. Thereafter, in 2007, he received a masters degree of transportation design at G.A.F.A. after a three-year study. In the same year, he completed an internship at F.X.Meiller Company in Munich, Germany.

From 1998 to 2008, he has designed up to 50 products for various companies in different countries including: Pepsi, Holmes, Sanyo, Honeywell, Lasko and De Longhi. He is currently teaching transportation design at G.A.F.A.

Haishan has won several design awards, such as Red Dot design award 2007/2008; German Association of Automobile Industry (V.D.A.) award 2006; Government prize of excellent graduate design student of 2006; First Automobile Design Award China 2005 and Silver prize of Canton design week product design award.

His works have been introduced by design magazines and business publications including Auto & Design, Design Report, I.D., De Ingenieur, Scientific American, McGraw-Hill Construction, Anlegg & Transport. Haishan believes that design is everywhere. He would like to make the design world better.


Like the name states, Crosswind is emphasized by a series of impressive slanting air inlets which break the rule of normal symmetrical appearance. This iconic design is formed by an unambiguous and bold figure expressing the spirit of freedom, self-confidence and braveness which are important values of the American sports car.

To put the car into full American mode does not only rely on appearance. A floating cockpit is installed to bring an exciting feeling. Why is riding on a horse stirring? Because of the feeling of the running action. As a sports car, driving pleasure is important. The cockpit which is supported by hydraulic arms has two modes. In sport mode, the cockpit will move corresponding to turning, accelerating and breaking, which will bring much pleasure by direct feeling of running on the road. When switched to comfort mode, the cockpit will move slightly to eliminate shaking from below. The floor of cockpit is transparent and will make passengers even forget they are in a car by feeling that they are flying on the ground.

The non-inflatable front tire working with the elastic steel hub can reduce vibration and will never go flat. In the rear wheel, a normal suspension system is replaced by the circle in the middle of the car made of high strength and flexible materials.

The car body is designed with a flexible frame structure so it can use up to 80% of plastic, which will significantly reduce the energy for carrying itself but does not diminish the strength of the car. An electric engine will make it more green.

For safety, hydraulic arms can extend the movement of the cockpit when a sudden impact happens. The independent cockpit will give a good protection for passengers.