Dream Green Car by Ramil Suliyev, Turkey

2009: Brave + Bold. America’s Next Iconic Vehicle.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Ramil Suliyev, 21, lives in Turkey but is currently in his last year studying Industrial Electronic Engineering at an international university in Kyrgyzstan.

His passion for design and art started when he was a child. He drew vehicles, especially cars. As time passed by, art became a part of his life as he began drawing nature and characters. His passion and his never-ending love for art made him a professional artist at a young age.

Even though he didn’t study in an art school, he won several awards in competitions among professional art schools. When he entered the university he started studying computer graphics and design besides all other subjects of his profession. He began by modeling cars from sketches. Michelin Challenge Design was his first participation in a major design competition with his first project.


Green-sportscar uses hydrogen as its on-board fuel as it is basically a fuel cell vehicle. It is perfectly suitable for the next generation of environmentally friendly sports cars. It also uses solar energy to feed its electronic system.

The rims are made of titanium. With its unique design and body flow, energy loss is reduced to a minimum. The car is equiped with the latest navigation and electronic systems which provides comfort and safety. People will enjoy driving this car.