Flexible Concept by Ngoc Lan Huynh, Vietnam

2009: Brave + Bold. America’s Next Iconic Vehicle.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Ngoc Lan Huynh, 35, was born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam and is currently a freelance designer. He received a Bachelor of Economics Degree from the Hanoi National Economic University as well as a certificate from The College of Industrial Arts. Past work experience includes working in product advertising and banking within companies in Hanoi. His design achievements include a top 20 in the 2006 Motobike contest of Vietnam Honda and a top 30 in the 4th Global Designing Contest of Peugeot in 2006.


The “Flexible Concept” is designed with a special body in the shape of an Oval. The wheels have a movement mechanism, the same as a chain ring, ensuring the car’s mobility and flexibility on all topographies, especially high slopes. However, it still retains its flexible movement on roads because of the ability to change angles regardless of the road surface.

“Flexible” is equipped with cleaner and lighter fuel batteries. Most of the car body is designed with durable NANO glass and has maximum visibility for the driver.

Common Arrangement:

  • Car body is designed in the shape of an Oval
  • Fuel battery engine
  • Wheels with special movement mechanism – encompassing full body, providing strong structure
  • Smart buffer system, minimizing big seismic on cabin
  • Changing angles with road surface
  • Ability to move on sloping roads with large inclines/declines

It’s possible to say that Flexible is expressing a freestyle in the future, bringing sense of interesting, dynamic, youthfulness, flexibility, effect and friendly for the environment.