FREM FR 1 by David Roger Frem, Riad Sakr, Lebanon

2009: Brave + Bold. America’s Next Iconic Vehicle.

Scale Model on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™

Designer – David Roger Frem
Team Name
– Riad Sakr


David Roger Frem, 26, was born in Beirut, Lebanon and is currently an Architect at PMD, part of the Indevco Group. He has many remarkable accomplishments including: winning the Lebanese Judo Championship ten times in a row from 1994 to 2004.

Judo was his passion since he was four years old and with time it diverted to the world of supercars. He developed his knowledge in the field by watching documentaries and reading books about cars.

Enzo Ferraris and Lamborghinis were his idols which lead him to draw his first car at 17 years of age. A year later, he became very skilled at drawing supercars. For the next five years, he studied and developed his skills in graphic software and did the necessary research in order to achieve his goal.

In his senior year at AUST (American University of Science and Technology), he convinced (after five rejections) his professors to execute a 1:4 scale model of a supercar as a final project. The design was already illustrated on paper, a supercar with the aspect of a shark. The “Blue Shark’ took two months to complete.

Frem graduated from AUST as a distinguished student, but did not feel fulfilled. A few months after graduation he got the authorization from AUST to initiate the executive of a real supercar. Financially supported by Indevco group and AUST, Frem was able to start living his vision.

After three years of constant hard work, the first Lebanese car was born, a car with an aggressive wild look, holding its creators name “Frem F1”. The car was revealed to the public through Kalam El Nass talk show in an interview hosted by Mr. Marcel Ghanem and Frem.

Frem F1 garnered tremendous media coverage including broadcast and print with most of the Lebanese and world media outlets covering the new supercar. Frem was interviewed by the BBC, Orbit, Tele Liban, NewTV.


According to Frem, his creation is based on a specific task reflecting his personality.

Working on such a task took two years of research and development and after that time, a prototype was born- ready for the Michelin Design Challenge. With the attraction of inferno color, mixed with the technology and creativity, the Frem prototype is presented.

The lines of the Frem prototype are aerodynamically sculpted with a panoramic glass roof, equipped with four high resolution cameras for better view around the vehicle.

A fire system in the engine room is built to protect the passenger if there are any electrical failures that may cause fires. There also is an emergency button for an immediate seat belt release in case of a malfunction. The body of the prototype is made of carbon fiber and has an aluminum chassis for less weight and more speed.

The Frem prototype also includes a Xenon head light with led lamps for the rear light (faster than the ordinary lamp in alerting the driver behind); a night vision cam with sensor’s; 22’’ carbon fiber rims equipped with a low profile tire; independent suspension for better stability and traction; front and rear rotors and calipers Brembo brakes and six airbags for maximum safety.