Gone with Wind by Eunjeong Cho and Ji Hun Lee

2009: Brave + Bold. America’s Next Iconic Vehicle.

Drawings on Display at Michelin Challenge Design™


Eunjeong Cho is currently studying for his MA in Automotive Design at the Coventry University, UK after receiving his Transport and Consumer Product Design Diploma from the university in 2007. He also received a BA and MA in Mechanical Engineering at the Korea Maritime University in South Korea. Besides participating in the Michelin Challenge Design, he was short listed in the 2008 Interior Motives Design Awards.

Jihun Lee is currently studying for his MA in Automotive Design at the Coventry University. At the university he has participated in a degree project with the Hyundai European Design centre, a collaborative project with Fiat Auto (Exterior) and a collaborative project with Solutia Ltd. (Interior).

He received his Bachelor of Arts in 2005 in Industrial Design from Hanyang University, South Korea and was in the R.O.K. Air Force from 1999-2002. Besides being a 2009 Michelin Challenge Design finalist, he won the Bronze prize in the 2005 Car Vision car design contest.


For the freedom to enjoy the speed & drive with less blame for environmental disruption, this 2-seater American hot rod is born with wind. Maximize the use of sustainable energy to minimize the environment impact.

This unique electric vehicle powered by turbines, higher the speed, the more powered by wind. Not only wind from front can be used at front turbines but also wind from all directions at each turbine in the wheel with holed tire will boost the wind power.

The three-layered structure wheel and tire for wind turbine in wheels contributes to recharge the battery. Honeycomb shape in middle layers allows the air flow. Turbines in front share the battery charging but also power the lights.

At the point of the environmental problems being issued strongly, this bold efforts towards providing a new model of using wind power can be the next American iconic vehicle.